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How to revoke SiteApps access to Google Analytics

SiteApps Support Team
posted this on October 20, 2012, 21:12

SiteApps uses the Google Analytics API to analyze your web analytics data and suggest opportunities to improve your website.  This is the most secure way to access your data, using the best practices suggested by Google.  At any time, you can revoke acess to your data by following these three steps:


  1. Visit the Securty Center for the Google account you integrated with SiteApps

  2. Click the EDIT button for the "Authorizing applications and sites" option:


  3. Under the "Connected Sites, Apps, and Services" click the REVOKE ACCESS button right by the SiteApps service:



That's it.  Do remember, that once you've revoked access, SiteApps will not notify you of of critical behaviors happening on your website using our supercrunching automated analysis.