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Google Analytics Segmentation and Targeting

SiteApps Support Team
posted this on April 30, 2011, 09:27

People are loving the ability to instantly install updates on their site with SiteApps.  When a site implements an app, there are certain levers that can be used to customize the app experience, that include:

  • WHEN: date + time control - define when an app will be displayed;
  • WHO: segments - select from a pre-set of user segments such as new visitors, iPad users, etc to target your app; 
  • WHERE: URL filtering -  set the pages where the app will be displayed;
  • HOW: frequency control - limit the amount of times a user interacts with an app.

But we realized that there is a direct relationship between the personalization and user engagement.  With this in mind, we added a new feature in SiteApps: Google Analytics Integration.




Now you can use data form Google Analytics to define which are the best segments to reach with your apps.  Currently, SiteApps supports these types of user segmentation:

  • source: source of the visit, so if someone searched and found your site on this would be google;
  • medium: channel information, so if user searched for you website on and clicked on search result, this would be organic;
  • campaign name: campaign information, used to define campaings bringing users to your site;
  • keyword / term: the keyword phrase someone typed into the search engine or used in campaign configuration;
  • ad content: the actual ad content used in an ad.

We purposely focused on segments that are already not included in the SiteApps segment list and that can make a difference in the your website's bottom line.



For usre there are some specific keywords that generate a significant amount of traffic to your website but may also have a very high bounce-rate.  You may want to present some additional content or an alert specific for these users.  




To install an app with these characteristics, simply click the "Google Analytics Integration" button for that app on SiteApps, and use this configuration:




There you go!  That specific active app implementation will only be presented to users who arrived on your site from an organic search for the "termx". 


Optimization mode: on!


Known Issues:

This feature is still in beta - meaning that some things may not work out perfectly.  Below is a list of known issues we are addressing:

  • if your site uses the _setDomainName option, the segmentation will only work on the first page view.  To work-around this limitation, you must add the following code to your site BEFORE the SiteApps tag:
var __sagaq = __sagaq || [];
__sagaq.push(['_setDomainName', 'YOURDOMAINCONFIG']);
  • if your user arrives on your web site through one source, and then on the same visit returns coming from another source (ex: search on Google, then came from referrer) - the second source may be ignored.


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how to connect my account with GA for city segmentation? How to understand that it's working?

June 13, 2012, 05:34
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SiteApps Support Team

Hi Alex - currently the Google Analytics integration only works with UTM parameters.  If you would like to segment users based on their city, may we suggest using the BTBuckets integration within SiteApps.


Thank you,

SiteApps Team

June 18, 2012, 17:33
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henk van leeuwen

Dear SiteApps Team,


Where can I find this "Google Analytics Integration" feature?

March 5, 2015, 04:36
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